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OFFLINE GIFTS: Offline donor recognition - just like online donors have the ability to add their name

Our organizations would benefit. Donors would be more likely to donate - donor recognition - VERY IMPORTANT!!!

I am very disappinted becasue when this was presented to me it was presented as if we could include our offline donations and their names.

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  • May 1 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Courtney Brecht commented
    14 Mar, 2023 03:25pm

    AGREE! Please make this an option. We have seed money for a new campaign that has come as an offline donation and it would be great if we could add them under the Supporter section so they are highlighted as the first to give and for others to see.

  • Guest commented
    17 Mar, 2022 02:30pm

    I have used other online giving platforms and this is a standard feature. It limits my ability to use the JustGiving landing page when donors who give offline are excluded

  • Gene Martin commented
    18 Feb, 2022 08:35pm

    This is shameful, Blackbaud has had this posted for two years and hasn't addressed this feature! We left a previous software that allowed users to enter one-off online donations or bulk upload many via CSV. Honestly, I have to wonder who tests Blackbaud products. I cannot imagine any fundraising professional would look at JustGiving and think, "Yup, adding a total offline in one number, that makes complete sense for us."

  • LeeAnn Petronsky commented
    19 Jan, 2022 05:39pm

    Has this issue been rectified yet? I'm coming from a different organization who used a different platform and administrators adding offline gifts on the backend was a basic feature. I'm actually floored to see this thread and starting to panic about our upcoming Giving Day with J G.

  • Guest commented
    22 Feb, 2021 09:01pm

    Yes! This is essential. Donors need to be recognized, no matter how they give! This is a major issue with the Just Giving platform, and something we will consider when picking our P2P platform for next year. Admins also should have the ability to add gifts for fundraisers - we need to be able to support them on the backend while they are out there making asks!

  • Guest commented
    22 Feb, 2021 03:02pm

    Hear! Hear! This needs to be implemented ASAP. As administrators, we also need to be the ones who post offline donations, not the participants/fundraisers.

  • Marian Ragsdale commented
    4 Feb, 2021 06:25pm

    Ditto on all comments. Seeing everyone's name who gives is the whole point of P2P fundraising. And if donors don't want anyone to see the amount they give that should be an option too. Our last software for P2P made this very easy to do. There are plenty of donors who still write checks!

  • Bonnie commented
    30 Jan, 2021 01:55pm

    Same here! This was also not presented to us in that way. We have a huge P2P piece at our nonprofit and this is preposterous. Donors need and deserve recognition. And that the admin can not add to personal pages is not good either. I hope this matter is escalated because we are actually thinking of now moving over $500K in future donations to another platform because of it.

  • Marinda Frazier commented
    7 Jan, 2021 01:41pm

    I am looking for this capability as well!

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2020 07:25pm

    Absolutely! In addition to (or instead of) adding the total amount it would be great if the fundraiser could add the individual donation amounts and donor names (or at the very least, the number of offline donations).

  • Jane Mara commented
    15 Sep, 2020 05:49pm

    Agreed - this is absolutely critical. We often have donors who give a match outside of the platform and we need their names to be in the scroll too!

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