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Email notification when you receive a donation Merged

I have moved over from Virgin Money they had this very useful benefit that sent an email to me when someone donated, within minutes of the donation. It didn't tell me how much they donated, but just that a donation had been made and the persons name. I understand JG is 24 hours behind but still this is something that I am sure can be done. Even if the email notification its 24 hours later it still helps. Why does it help? As soon as I get the email notification, it prompts me to contact the donor. Especially for small charities this is essential as personal responses makes a big difference. If someone donated to me and I knew them personally I would text them to say thanks, or drop them a email within the day and this made them feel special and important as I contacted them within 24 hours of receiving the email. It made them feel like I am on top of my donations and I value them. As an example I got donated £500 by a close friend and each year I thank her within the day. Last week she donated and I didn't know unless I log into the JG website. She chased me and asked me if I got the donation which didn't look good.

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  • Dec 22 2021
  • Future consideration