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Email notifications for donations

I was told by customer support that we're unable to set up email notifications when new donations come through. It would be so helpful to be notified for donations where the donor did not chose to remain anonymous so that we can thank them straight away. As a small charity with limited capacity to login and generate a report every day, this would make a really positive difference for us. Thanks for considering our idea!

  • Guest
  • Oct 25 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    30 Apr 05:34pm

    Since there are lags in reporting of gifts, this feature would be incredibly important in thanking donors.

  • David Bell commented
    28 Apr 11:26pm

    VERY surprised this isn't available, especially through JustGiving Checkout.

  • David Quirk commented
    20 Feb 10:59pm

    Surprised that this isn't already a function to be honest. Seems so obvious and basic - please make this happen?

  • Rachel Cavalier commented
    8 Aug, 2023 02:20pm

    It would be great to have this when supporters use Giving Checkout - particularly for those who set up a monthly donation through it.

  • Melissa Benjamin commented
    6 Sep, 2022 09:00pm

    this is an obvious need, as NXT forms already have this option, Online Express did/does, and the peer-to-peer platform we used to use before switching to this one also had that functionality. Please add!

  • Guest commented
    1 Jul, 2022 05:11pm

    This seems like something that should have been implemented day one of developing this program. What nonprofit would NOT want this?? I've been waiting on our test donation notifications for 3 days, wondering what I did wrong, only to find out I only receive notifications for arbitrary 1st, 5th, 15th, etc. "awards"? It's critical for not only stewardship, but also for accounting and donation logging purposes. Please just implement this. It's so obvious it's silly.

  • Mayra Catalán-Orozco commented
    15 Jun, 2022 10:35pm

    100%. Adding notifications would be super helpful.

  • Guest commented
    21 Jan, 2022 02:57pm

    I could not agree more. No matter the size of the organization, almost every donation platform has the ability to notify a designated person to receive email notification when a donation is made. This is imperative so please add it.

  • Guest commented
    22 Dec, 2021 04:15pm

    I agree, VM had this and it massively helps donor retention

    I was told they cant do it as there donor reports are 24 hours later, but even if we got this notification 24 hours later it would still help

  • Guest commented
    10 Nov, 2021 04:29pm

    Please make this happen! We are asking too