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Use Total Amount including Donation Boost when integrating gifts into RENXT.

When a donation is brought over from JustGiving to RENXT, have the option to use the total donation amount plus the Donation Boost as the recorded gift amount so that they tie out with the BBMS disbursement reports.

  • Karen Charleston
  • Feb 27 2020
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  • Chris Ager commented
    25 Nov, 2020 09:29am

    Hi everyone, sorry for the tardiness of this update - the integration was updated on the 10th Nov with additional default settings (Appeal Package, Gift Sub-type, Receipt & Acknowledgement statuses) and also updated to now process donations into RENXT inclusive of the donation boost amount. RENXT now matches the receipt amount that JustGiving provides the donor when the donor increases their donation to offset processing fees.

  • Tara Sinicropi commented
    24 Nov, 2020 09:50pm

    Hi Chris, does your team have an updated timeline on this feature?

  • Kathy Savory commented
    11 Sep, 2020 04:46pm

    Hi Chris, thanks for the update. I hope this is a priority fix, because this is a real flaw for us and leads to lots of extra time manually adding in the donor cover. Thanks!

  • Chris Ager commented
    7 Sep, 2020 08:51am

    Hi Pamela, Rachel and Kelly - Hopefully you will be pleased to hear that we are now planning for an update that will see the RENXT gift amount match what the donor paid (gift + donor cover). I don't have an exact date as yet as we are in the early stages of this but it is coming!

  • Guest commented
    4 Sep, 2020 08:43pm

    Yes, yes a thousand times yes (if I could). We have to manually change many of the gifts that include the boost amount. It would be nice to have this included in the gift amount that gets sent over to RE NXT batch.

  • Rachel Bailey commented
    9 Apr, 2020 06:43pm

    Yes, we also recognize the donor for the total amount given, including the Boost. Pretty sure that is best practice, at least in the US, so was disappointed to find that the BBP2P/RE NXT integration ignored the fees!

  • Pamela Hall commented
    27 Mar, 2020 08:51pm

    We record the donation as the gift amount and the fees. Does everyone else do this?