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Have donor contact information required

Donors are skipping over putting their contact information in which is not allowing us to match them to our Raiser's Edge records.

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  • Sep 25 2019
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  • Chris Ager commented
    17 Sep, 2021 02:27pm

    Thank you for your feedback!

    JustGiving continues to improve how we collect donor information which varies depending on the region of the world your organisation is based due to differences in data handling laws. We offer guest checkout to donors as a way of removing barriers to giving. We have seen that, then forced to create accounts, donors will provide incomplete or inaccurate information or, more commonly, simply abandon their gift altogether. In terms of data provided, our North America and Asia Pacific regions should always receive donor information regardless of whether the donor chooses to create an account or use Giving Checkout. The obvious benefits of creating an account having been mentioned in this idea. European donors who chose to opt-out of communication and data sharing however, continue to be treated as anonymous regardless of whether they have an account with JustGiving or use guest checkout. This is in line with our current terms and conditions and GDPR rules. Please note, that whilst JustGiving is collecting and making donor data available to our customers, if you are using an integration or import tool, there may be variations in how data is processed by those tools.

  • Rachel Cavalier commented
    13 Aug, 2021 12:28pm

    I agree with the 6th Feb 2020 Guest commenter about allowing supporters to be truly anonymous. For my own personal donations, I like to use JG because I know from seeing the reporting side of things at work that they will not pass on my contact details.

    Maybe this is a UK/EU based sentiment? I feel like it's better to allow truly anonymous donations than to have someone get in touch to say "please delete my entire record under the GDPR right to be forgotten" because that one is deeply annoying to administer.

  • Brian Sutherland commented
    5 Aug, 2020 09:50pm

    I HATE this feature but understand it. BUT guest checkout is a horrible idea! I have donors making $1,000 donations and there's no journal entry in their account! it's in Guest Checkout account? That is useless for stewardship! PLEASE FIX THAT IMMEDIATELY. If they want to be anonymous publicly, fine. if they want an opt out of future correspondences, fine. but their donation NEEDS to be in their account in eTapestry and not in a catchall!

  • Guest commented
    6 Feb, 2020 11:47am

    Donors have the right not to be contacted and not to be stewarded. And they don't donate to advance anyone's job but because they want to give to a cause. If they choose to give a one off anonymous donation we should celebrate that and move on.

  • Nick Rama commented
    12 Dec, 2019 12:03pm

    Dear Friends at Blackbaud and Just Giving. I thought that I was missing something when I found that donor contact information was not being reported. What I found is that a donor is not required to enter their contact information. How can this be? Without contact information how can an organization properly steward the donor? Without their contact information how can an organization keep them apprised of the life of that organization? Without their contact information how can they be informed of upcoming events and opportunities in the life of the organization. This needs to be corrected ASAP.  I consider this an egregious oversight which inhibits the job of a development and advancement professional.