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Automatically populate the personal fundraising page with the organization Thank You Message

Let's make things as easy as possible for our volunteers by automatically populating the individual fundraising pages with the organization's thank you message. Why make them write their own message when the fundraising professional has already drafted one that reflects the sense of the campaign and the organization? 


In addition, why not have the "Write Your Thank You" message box as part of the original page set up, rather than the volunteer having to go back and edit their page after creating it?

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  • Sep 3 2019
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  • Guest commented
    4 Sep, 2019 12:54pm

    I understand the approach, but still think it would be helpful for the thank you message that I created for the fundraiser pre-populate each fundraiser's page. They could, of course, change it, but at least there would be something there that would be more appropriate than the highly generic message that is created automatically.

    I understand why the fundraiser might want to make it personal, especially for a birthday or memorial fundraiser, but we are asking volunteers to create individual pages based on an organization page I created for National Suicide Prevention Month. In this case, the general organization TY is more likely to be at least OK. Is there any way for this to happen?

    I'm not suggesting that the TY message appear on the fundraiser's page. I'm suggesting that it appear as an activity to do while they are creating their page so they don't have to go back and edit their page (which wasn't clear to me when I did my page and therefore I didn't make it clear to them in my instructions).

    I am using Just Giving this year because it appeared to be easier to use that the platform I used last year and, in some ways it is, but I think it could be made more transparent to those making pages.


    Lucinda Mercer, CFRE

    Development Director

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    908.301.1899 (office)

    973.519.0382 (cell)

  • Admin
    Jamie Parkins commented
    4 Sep, 2019 08:20am

    Thanks for the feedback Lucinda. I'm a little confused so perhaps you could respond to this question?

    Q. Are you referring to the fundraising page story of the fundraising page thank you message?

    • In the case of the story, that is owned by the fundraiser and can be written after the page is created. We provide a JustGiving default copy when none is provided but we also have a feature that allows the charity to write a default story to appear on all pages created. That can be set by you in the charity account on the Fundraising Page Settings page. Have you set that in place?

    • You can also pre-set the story that gets applied to any fundraising page created against a given campaign by supplying and saving the Fundraising Default story during the campaign creation.

    • We don't ask the fundraiser to write their story during page creation as it's important for us and the ultimately the charity that nothing distracts the fundraiser from creating their page. We keep that process as lean as possible. Our experience is that the fundraiser is in a better position to focus on writing an appropriate page story after the page is created when they can do this in their own time.

    • In the case of the fundraising thank you message, that is not a feature that appears on the fundraising page. Given that lot's of people visit a page without necessarily donating, then the message would not be appropriate there and would take up valuable real estate on the page.

    • We do display the thank you message of the fundraiser in the donation receipt that the donor receives post donation. Again we feel it's important that the fundraiser (page owner) owns and controls that message as it comes from them and may be something personal they want to control (for example for In Memorial fundraising pages this is especially the case).

    • You can control the thank you message sent to donors when they make a direct donation to your cause. You can edit that here.

    Hope that helps explain our approach?