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Adjustments to "Invite Only" default setting on Team pages

Team pages are currently set to default to "Invite Only" status. I think I can understand the logic behind this decision.

However, changing that status is extremely non-intuitive for users. Some suggestions (please contribute more, if I'm missing the obvious):

  1. Explainer text during Team setup process that allows users to decide between "Invite-Only / Anyone Can Join" options

  2. Some brief instructions on how to set up a Team page, with the above option clarified

  3. Possibly move this selection to the main Team Creation flow, or the main "Edit" section under Team Pages. It's currently NOT part of the main creation process, and afterward it's only visible under the "Members" tab, which (anecdotally, I admit) users aren't finding on their own.

  4. Allow Organization admins to set this option for individual Team pages.

I am aware that our use case might not represent the majority, but it's impacting us and creating a lot of extra coaching / direct intervention from our Staff.


  • Pete Broderick
  • May 1 2024
  • Needs review
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