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OFFLINE GIFTS: Offline donation control Merged

JustGiving recently took away my ability to add offline donations to individual fundraising pages and have offered no solution to this problem. This is a big problem and, with no resolution, we will serious consider looking for alternative fundraising platforms in the future.

In the past, when we received offline donations to the office, I had a dummy credit card number that was saved in my JustGiving account that allowed me to add those donations to an individual fundraising page so that it would show on their timeline. That option has been taken away.

When I asked about alternative ways to add on offline donations, I was given two options.

1) Have the fundraisers add them in themselves. This presents a problem because, in addition to not trusting the fundraisers to do this on their own correctly or timely, since we have a fundraising minimum for each rider, this opens up the possibility of the fundraiser to enter in whatever number they want with no control on my end. It also makes the fundraiser do extra work, which probably does not bode well for their opinion of our charity. This solution also does not help as sometimes we have donations that are broken up between fundraisers and that can only be handled on my end.

2) Use your company credit card and enter in the offline donations that way. This presents two potential problems as, first, we have credit card limits and could possibly hit our max entering in these offline donations, and secondly, it means that we get hit with additional fees by JustGiving, which basically means you want us to do this because you want to squeeze more money out of your clients.

I would like to see a way to have administrative control over the offline donations or access to the fundraisers' pages so that I can enter in these amounts without worry of the fundraisers doing the work and possibly messing up some important bookkeeping measures.

  • Guest
  • Apr 21 2023
  • Future consideration