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Include 'donation created date' in the report as soon as the donation is created

Right now, there can be a lag in reporting of monthly donations of more than 3 weeks because the monthly donation only shows in the report when the payment is made, not when the donation is created. This makes it really challenging to test fundraising content and make timely decisions about marketing plans. It also delays decisions on commitments to spending because of the long delay in knowing how much money has been raised.

It would be incredibly helpful if data on monthly donations appeared in the report as soon as they are created not just once the payment has been made.

I understand that we'd then need to reconcile the two data sets in case donations bounce/ are cancelled before the payment is made - but it would mean we could make better decisions about fundraising content, which would mean we can raise more money.


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  • Jan 23 2023
  • Needs review
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