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Donors to select funding pot

We were trialling the web donation form, but unfortunately we found that it wasn't fit for purpose! We have a few different projects running in our charity and donors need to be able to clearly identify if their donation is to be allocated towards a specific project. We can't see anywhere on the donation form that offers this as an option to donors, without explaining to them that they will need to write in the message section of the form (we've used this method before and it doesn't suit our supporters!).

Other than this slight issue, the web donation form you offer is incredible. We'd love to use it, but unless we're able to have a dropdown or tick boxes for our projects, we won't be able to use the web widget, which is a shame!

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  • Dec 19 2022
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    22 Dec, 2022 10:44am

    Hi there, that is a shame that you have found the web donation form not fit for purpose, but thank you for using it, and very happy that you find it fantastic despite that one feature. We take feedback like this very seriously, and the feature you are proposing is in our backlog but yet to be prioritised. We call the feature, donation by designation. And what this will do is have a drop down when a user makes a donation and they can then select the correct project,trust,school for example and then it will be pulled into reporting. I will make a note of this ticket and get back to you 1) when we have a prioritised date and 2) when we commence work.

    Tom from Just Giving