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Allow admin to change the campaign or fundraiser a donation is credited to

Many organizations have different fundraising campaigns for different programs/causes/events/etc. and when donors give to those, their donations then often need to be restricted to being used for that specific thing. It is also useful to track which fundraiser within a certain campaign the donor gives to so they can personally thank the donor and continue building that donor relationship. Plus sometimes, for various reasons, individual fundraisers need to get credit for the donors they bring to a campaign. It is not uncommon, though, for a donor to accidentally give to a campaign they weren't intending to give to, or a fundraiser they weren't intending to give to (or to have them give to an overall campaign instead of to the specific fundraiser under that campaign who got them to donate). When situations like these arise, there needs to be a way for an admin to correct the campaign/fundraiser the donation is credited to. Blackbaud support informed me that the only way to do that with Blackbaud/JustGiving is to issue a refund to the donor and ask them to re-donate to the correct campaign/fundraiser. That is an annoying process to have to ask a donor to go through that makes us look like we don't know what we're doing, especially since every other donation platform I've ever used allows admins to do this.

  • Ethan Gingerich
  • Dec 1 2022
  • Needs review
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