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Anonymous donors not knowing that their details aren't shared with charity

Hi there, I wanted to get in touch to provide some feedback.

We get quite a few donations on Just Giving that are anonymous. I have spoken to donors in the past who were expecting a thank you letter from us and didnt realise that by being anonymous, it meant that their details weren't shared with us (the charity) and thought that it would mean that their name wouldnt appear on our charity Just Giving page.

I wanted to mention this as I wasn't sure what wording is used when donors can choose to be anonymous, but that as it's confused at least a few people (that I know of) perhaps it's confusing to others as well? I don't know if this statement can be looked at? As I mentioned, I don't know what the wording is, so it might already be clear and people aren't reading it properly but thought i'd bring it up in-case.

Many thanks


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  • Aug 23 2022
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