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Help with thanks yous to donors

When a fundraiser receives an email saying they received their first donation to their page, they get an email saying they received a donation and are told to make sure they thank their donor. When they click the button to thank their donor, they are taken to their fundraising page, but no additional steps are given. They apparently are just assumed to know who their donors are and their respective contact info. This has been a confusing step for some of our fundraisers who want to be able to thank some of their donors right away but may not have the best contact info for them.

A suggestion would be either 1) a way to send a thank you message to the donors directly via the fundraising page or 2) a way for the fundraiser to see a list of their donors that includes an email address so that they can contact them.

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  • Jun 11 2021
  • Needs review
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