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Make JG Checkout page Tip Jar setting MODIFIABLE Please

TIP JAR is a deal breaker for our organization's use of Just Giving right now

  1. While JG/BB may believe your wording makes it clear that it is "optional", our donors, BOD and Exec Director disagree; our donors are asking WHY they are being asked to support JG when they only want to support our small nonprofit.

  2. At the very least, your client (e.g. the charity) needs the flexibility to either change the default amount OR eliminate this entirely. It's hard enough to raise money as it is without this "noise" from JG.

  3. Although we have found Blackbaud and JG very useful up until now, we are changing back to PayPal for our online donation checkouts due to the lack of the ability to have the DEFAULT setting for your Checkout Page "Tip Jar" to be Other or eliminate it entirely.

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  • Jun 7 2021
  • Needs review
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