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JustGiving url transition to new campaigns for donors

It would be great to say to our volunteers who are creating JustGiving pages that the JustGiving Url can transition to new campaigns year after year. It would help simply the process and it would be a simple check to update/ transition to the new campaign

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  • Apr 14 2021
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    Jamie Parkins commented
    15 Apr, 2021 09:33am

    Hello there and thanks for the suggestion.

    Can you please help me understand your suggestion a little more though as I'm struggling a bit to fully understand what you are putting forward to us? My read is that you're asking if a fundraiser's page can then - once it has ended - point to a campaign so that people can continue to donate to it, but the donations received roll into a given campaign that the organisation has created? But I could well be wrong here!

    As an aside, we just rolled for UK charities the ability for people to donate on a recurring basis to a fundraising page (ie once a month the donation they made to the fundraiser will be repeated), and in this case, once the fundraising page ends, that donation continues to persist but as a direct, recurring donation to the charity. More on that here: