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Access Fundraising Pages Before Fundraising Starts

It would allow organizations to promote their page and allow fundraisers to create their page before fundraising actually starts. It would be fun to include a "campaign launch countdown" and then have the "donate" button go live at a pre-set time. We use JustGiving for Nurses Week and it would great if our fundraisers could start setting up their pages on May 1 with fundraising going live on May 6.

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  • Mar 10 2021
  • Needs review
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  • Guest commented
    10 Mar, 2021 04:56pm

    Thanks for the quick response, Jamie. My organization was recently part of a 24-hour fundraising campaign put on by our local Community Foundation. We were able to set-up our organization's page, peer-to-peer fundraiser pages, and have people visit them before the 24-hour fundraising period began. It helped build excitement and made sure everyone was ready to go when the campaign started. We used JustGiving for Nurses Week last year and had it go live on April 30 so people could create their pages which lead to people donating early. Don't get me wrong - we were happy to receive those contributions but it made the official May 6 launch less exciting.

  • Admin
    Jamie Parkins commented
    10 Mar, 2021 04:09pm

    Interesting idea Kelly. A campaign countdown is something I've not heard asked before but I'll certainly share the idea with our team.

    In respect to restricting fundraiser's ability to raise funds to a certain date, we'd need to dig into that as we'd probably not want to put too heavy constraints upon people given they ask for donations in different ways and at different times.