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Donation Refund Feedback

We're exploring the idea of a donation refund report and would welcome your feedback.

  • Were you aware that we refunded donations made by donors when requested?

  • Would you like to be notified of such instances when they occur and if so, by which method?

  • Would you be interested in being able to download a donation refund report? If so, what columns of data would you expect to be present in such a report?

Please feel free to share with us any other feedback you have below. Thanks


  • Jamie Parkins
  • Nov 17 2020
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  • HELEN NISBET commented
    18 Nov 12:41pm

    I'd like to know the date of the original payment - as we need to reverse this from our records. Sometimes the fundraiser has a lot of payments on lots of different dates so its hard to tell which was the original payment

  • Helen Vaughan commented
    18 Nov 09:48am

    it would be useful to have the refunded amount on show same as donated amount? that way we can notice that certain amount has been refunded at a glance.