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Move fundraiser to a different campaign

One of my supporters created a page in the wrong campaign. Currently, they would have to create the page again in the correct campaign.

Unfortunately they created a team page and it's too much to ask them to make a whole new fundraiser.

  • Choi Wah Garcia
  • Nov 3 2020
  • Already exists
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  • Admin
    Jamie Parkins commented
    10 Feb, 2023 05:08pm

    It does work if the fundraising page you want to connect is not already associated to an existing campaign - which is the most common use case we built for. Disconnecting a page from one campaign to another is more complex (in terms of moving of totals) so we have to do that particular example on request.

  • Sannah Khan commented
    10 Feb, 2023 05:02pm

    I can definitely confirm that this feature does not exist - once a fundraising page is connected to one campaign, we've tried and contacted support to re-assign, and it's not possible.

  • Kathy Savory commented
    3 Aug, 2021 08:36pm

    This solution does not exist. If the fundraiser created their page in the wrong campaign, it cannot be moved. Only an "unaffiliated" fundraising page can be attached to a campaign. It would be helpful if Admins could switch the campaign to reduce the burden on the fundraiser.

  • Guest commented
    3 Feb, 2021 05:01pm

    Sometimes we have a few campaigns going at once. This makes it difficult for people connected to one campaign to also join in on another since they cannot be linked to more than one.

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2020 07:27pm

    Yes, I ran into the same problem. I was not able to move an existing fundraiser to a new campaign. I got the same error message.

  • Choi Wah Garcia commented
    11 Nov, 2020 09:31pm

    Hi Jamie, I tried to do that and it said "That fundraising page is already connected to another campaign." Again, I need to re-assign an existing page to a different campaign.

  • Admin
    Jamie Parkins commented
    4 Nov, 2020 08:32am

    Hi Choi and thanks for the comment.

    This is a feature we already offer charities - they can manually associate a fundraising page to a campaign on the fundraiser's behalf. To access this visit your campaign in the Charity Account and click on Actions > Connect a fundraising page