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JustGiving: Add Campaigns to Charity Landing Page

Currently, only UK JustGiving users have access to this feature. Allowing this feature for the US clients will create campaign previews on the main charity landing page. If added, donors visiting your charity page would be able to see your current campaigns requesting funding, in addition to the general donate button. There is no feature right now where a donor can see all the campaigns a charity has open for donations. If added to the charity landing page, this could all be viewed in a central location, versus having to share the specific campaign URLs.

Here is an example from a UK client of a campaign being featured on the main charity landing page:

You can see "The Giant Wiggle 2017" highlighted in a box, showing their goal and how much has been raised.

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  • Oct 28 2020
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  • Helen Seacombe commented
    10 Nov 09:53am

    The problem I also have as a UK charity is we have a new campaign but only the old campaign is showing and there is no way of adding the new one/removing the old one. The example you've cited above is 3 years old now!