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Ability to reassign fundraiser information in NXT

Right now, there is no way to change the NXT record that JustGiving fundraiser information is assigned. This is a major issue when we want the fundraiser to be reflected on a company's/group's record. It's also a HUGE issue if a duplicate record is created in NXT and we want to reassign the fundraising information from the duplicate record to the original record.

A common reason we want to transfer a JustGiving fundraiser assignment would be when an individual set up the JustGiving fundraiser on behalf of an organization. We would like the JG fundraiser to show on the organization's constituent card, ideally in the Peer to Peer Fundraising tile in NXT.

Let's take the example that an office manager set up a fundraiser for a company. The fundraiser would import from JustGiving to NXT on the office manager's constituent. We would like to move the fundraiser information to the company. Even if the office manager sets up the fundraiser with the company name, the issue persists because a new constituent record will be created 1) because fundraisers can't be assigned to organization records and 2) the company's name will not match the office manager's email. Maybe it would match up with the company's record if we convert the company's record from organization to individual AND added the office manager's email to the company's contact information. But this requires a lot of work, and many times we don't know someone will be setting up a company page beforehand.

  • Tara Sinicropi
  • Oct 21 2020
  • Needs review
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  • Kelly Seigh commented
    2 Sep, 2021 04:47pm

    Yes. It would be ideal if the company manager who is setting up the fundraiser for a business could create the fundraiser for the company and the fundraiser would appear on the company's "Peer2Peer" tile in RENXT instead of creating a an individual record for the company manager. The option to create a company fundraiser is so important to Food Banks as so many companies want to participate in virtual fundraising.