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Allow customization of suggested Donation Amounts

Donation amounts are fixed and do not accommodate customizations required by specific fundraising campaigns.

  • Laya Bisk
  • Oct 14 2020
  • Planned
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  • Guest commented
    30 Mar, 2022 02:56pm

    Has there been any update on adding this feature as I can't seem to find it?


  • Michelle Kricheff commented
    24 Mar, 2021 06:02pm

    Hi Jamie, I see that this feature has been marked as "planned," and your comment from October states that you were testing the feature at that time. What is the timeline for custom donation amounts to be implemented?

    While I appreciate your suggestion to add donation prompts to our charity page, those prompts still don't appear on campaign pages or fundraising pages, correct? There is definitely a need for charities to be able to set suggested amounts specific to a particular campaign, or for fundraisers to be able to suggest custom amounts tailored to their personal fundraising goals.

  • Admin
    Jamie Parkins commented
    15 Oct, 2020 09:46am

    Thanks for the suggestion. Whilst we'd always want to ensure that a donor can select the amount that they are comfortable with giving, we are testing some ways in which we can use what we call donation prompts (often referred to as donation handles) to help guide or inspire the donor to give an amount that may better suit the charity's cause or funding model.

    To the extent that we are testing this on some fundraising pages at the moment. One thing you can do as an organisation is ensure you have loaded your three donation prompts in the JustGiving Charity Account.

    To do so log in here: