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Pass Guest Checkout Donor Information to eTapestry Automatically

Donors who give via the Guest Checkout feature may do so for convenience sake or to hide their identity from the general public -- both understandable motivations. However, the indentifying information about those donors is not passed to the charity's eTapestry reports and must be matched and added manually FOR EACH donation. This is incredibly laborious and costly.

If the identifying information can be viewed by the charity in Just Giving and added manually in eTapestry, there's no functional reason why it can't be passed between the two programmatically.

We would request that, unless a donor indicates they would like to be anonymous even from the charity itself, the personal information for each donor be passed automatically to eTapestry for the purpose of managing donor accounts in eTapestry.

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  • Aug 19 2020
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  • Mike Rusche commented
    22 Oct, 2020 03:23pm

    UPDATE: We plan to release functionality that would take a donor that chooses "Guest Checkout" in JustGiving and create an account for them in eTapestry unless they have chosen to be Anonymous. This is scheduled to be in our November released on the 8th.

    Mike Rusche

    Sr. Product Manager Blackbaud

  • Mike Rusche commented
    9 Oct, 2020 02:59pm

    We understand the importance of this functionality and just wanted to let everyone know that we are working on updating the integration to create an account in eTapestry for those that choose to checkout as a "guest" on the JustGiving side. Once we have a more concrete time frame for this to be done, I will update you. I look forward to sharing more information with you soon.

    Mike Rusche

    Product Manager eTapestry

  • Lori Soenksen commented
    8 Oct, 2020 08:05pm

    This issue definitely wasn't clearly disclosed when deciding to use Just Giving. We want and need the donor details in eTap. That's where all our communications come from.

  • Eleysa Richards commented
    7 Oct, 2020 04:55pm

    I agree. What we've discovered is that our donor information isn't passed to eTap because the donor didn't make an account in JustGiving, even if they did want to share their information with us. That's just screwing over your nonprofits to spite their donors.

    Many people don't like having to create a new account everywhere they go. And many donors aren't making a majority of their donations through a P2P platform. AND organizations use many different platforms for P2P donations so there's not guaranteeing that more than one organization someone donates to is using any particular platform. So, it's just easier for everyone (except maybe JustGiving) if account creation is not required.

    Honestly, missing this integration step makes using a different platform a better choice. It's easier to just download an excel document from a different platform, adjust the columns to match the info you need in eTap, and do a mass integration into the database than it is to piecemeal the information together from the JG integration.