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More detailed requirements on donation form

In order to complete a donation is should be required that they give more complete information. This is useful in maintaining the donor database and make it so we can send them information in the mail. We’ve received several donations with incomplete information and it makes personalization and stewardship more difficult.

1. Title - Do they use Mrs. Ms. Miss, Dr. Mr.?

2. Full names (first and last)

3. Full addresses

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  • May 29 2020
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  • Darren Pilbro commented
    1 Feb 04:31pm

    Completely agree with this point. Taking the time to look at how donor information is captured, it seems to vary depending on the payment method.
    Card payments for example only ask for a house number and postcode for the address, this is insufficient information for stewardship purposes, especially considering NXT reporting tools cannot provide a breakdown/insight based on Postcode - it can do city or county, but this data will be absent without post-donation processing.
    Address validation is quite a time consuming back end process. Other platforms such as Give Panel have integrated an address validator into their online donation forms to allow more complete and accurate data, while JG/Blackbaud is lagging behind, seemingly relying on 3rd party products to fill this gap.

  • Joanne McConnell commented
    29 May, 2020 06:22pm

    This is absolutely important on the database end.