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Be able to hide all donation information - including individual amounts, donor name, and total raised.

There have been some requests based on privacy to be able to hide all donation features on the individual fundraising pages. This includes amount donated by supporter as well as name (even without that person clicking anonymous) as well as the total amount raised. It's fun and helpful for most to see a running tally, but some company policies require them to keep things confidential and being able to hide these fields will still benefit the charity in tracking donations as well as the company knowing how much they raised on the back end for their campaign efforts. Hopefully a simple toggle switch is doable to show or hide this type of information to the public view.

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  • May 21 2020
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    Jamie Parkins commented
    26 May, 2020 10:59am

    Hi there and thanks for the suggestion.

    We already allow donors to hide their amount and their donation display name so that exists. We'd not want to overly promote that as a default behaviour as it's counter to the primary behaviour we see across our platform where donors like to share their name and the amounts they have given.

    Hiding the total raised is interesting but I'd have to check if that's something we'd be allowed to do - transparency being a key value we strive for as a platform. An alternate way might be that a page is hidden from public search and can only be seen by users with the direct url.