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Ability for fundraiser to have one page with multiple events underneath

We often have fundraisers using one page and taking part in multiple events. This can be as little as 2 events and upwards (e.g. 20 challenges in 2020, 30 challenges for turning 30). We record the income per event as this helps influences which events to invest in in the future. Therefore, it's difficult to work out which event saw the peak in their fundraising if it's all together in a lump sum. 


Similarly, if the fundraiser is fundraising for a mixture of organised events and self-organised events (e.g. Cardiff Half Marathon and self-led Snowdon walk), we are required to try split the fundraising as accurately as possible to allocate to either the Events team or Community Fundraising team. This is currently very difficult. 


A solution could be to have a landing page for fundraisers  taking on multiple events and then a list of each event they are taking part in underneath. It would work similar to a team page in that people could donate to a specific event (currently, person) or just generally to the fundraising effort (currently, team).

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  • Jan 27 2020
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    Jamie Parkins commented
    27 Jan, 2020 11:12am

    Thanks for the idea and suggestion Kerry - I'll be sure to share this with one of my team who is looking at our fundraising page model as we speak. It's an interesting challenge. To be clear, if the fundraiser creates more than one page (a page for each event essentially) are you saying that the problem goes away as it's easy to the attribute funds? I'm not saying that is necessarily the solution as I've also seen fundraisers ask for a "page for life".