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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit JGNG-I-114 Allow offline donations to be applied to a fundraiser's page, not campaign.

Clear offline donations Merged

It would be useful for page owners to be able to add offline donations that looked similar to online donations and add some text in to say what/how it was raised. E.g. This is a cheque from my Grandma towards my run. (£20 donation appears). This would make it easier for staff to identify what offline donations have been collected and how.

  • Guest
  • Apr 18 2018
  • Already exists
  • Dana Shepard commented
    10 Dec, 2019 04:12pm

    Would also be nice to be able to show how many offline donations are included in the total, instead of just one lump sum.  Other platforms have the ability to add each offline donation separately and identify who gave.

  • Jeremy Reynolds commented
    6 May, 2019 01:18pm

    For us the "how" would be secondary to being able to add the donor's message that would show on the fundraising page "wall" in the same way normal gifts have a donor comment.

    Also, if fundraisers add gifts, we would need to be able to set each gift for pending/rejected/received, to keep them from showing in our reporting unless we have actually received the funds. Mainly for important for accounting, but it's also a good check in the event that someone posts several fake donations to his/her page.

    Maybe even make this a charity-specific or fundraiser-specific setting so that organizations who don't need the feature can disable it?