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Add Rewards to Donation Amounts

One thing I wanted to do... if at all possible... was to have different donation levels and give out some swag like a kickstarter campaign.  Has anyone done this before on JG or is there a way to create different boxes that the donor clicks on that outline the “benefits” they receive at the particular giving level?  Almost like a shopping cart, of sorts.  Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond giving levels...


Here’s a random example of what I mean...


Or if you are into Bigfoot... this is one of my faves...

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  • Nov 19 2019
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    Jamie Parkins commented
    19 Nov, 2019 03:16pm

    Hi Brandon,

    Yes this is something we've considered but not put into action as yet. There are two approaches we'd want to consider

    Donation Handles

    The idea that a donation amount can be attributed to a tangible value that supports the charity's cause. For example, $100 buys a tent, $150 buys a water filter etc. This might help donors better understand the value of their potential gift and the impact that it'll have. Even if these handles are just illustrative rather than "restricted".

    Donation Rewards

    More to your point, the notion that a donation of certain value unlocks a gift, reward of sorts. Because our history is in the UK, we've resisted these as Gift Aid cannot be claimed on a donation where the donor gets something back in kind (physical or not). For that reason, we've not previously explored this particular idea. But as we go international it's something we're more conscious of.

    Out of interest, would you see it incumbent upon the charity to then handle, manage and coordinate any sending of gifts, rewards etc? I'm pretty sure that's not an area that JustGiving would want to handle.

    Thanks for the suggestion!