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Add up to 5 custom fields to the donation form

Need to put custom fields in a donation form. Specifically, we have a need to select a chapter or a fund. Right now, we have a workaround through the PS packages but this is not a good user experience and if a donor could choose a tile or person, and then make the gift, selecting an associated fund or designation, that would be great. 

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  • Oct 30 2019
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  • Guest commented
    13 Mar, 2020 07:44pm

    add Tags onto donation forms. It’s useful on the fundraising page but more often it’s added on the fundraising page so the donation form has the right designation e.g. Giving Days. Capturing things like alumni year, relationship data etc. are all good examples we hear a lot.

  • Guest commented
    13 Mar, 2020 07:43pm

    Request to offer the donor a write in designation option on the donation screen, but at the moment you have to repurpose the “Message” field, which is not ideal. This would be for a situation in which they have a General/Other campaign to allow for donations to an additional Academic/Sport areas that are not featured during a Giving Day.