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Introduce other payment methods than creditcard

The introduction of other payments is very usefull


What is my problem (and I am probably not the only one)?

I started a fundraising initiative. I liked to link my fundraising page to a bigger initiative. Only possible on your site. I shared the page with some family members and best friends and multiple times their respons was that they didn't succeed in finalizing the payment.

This is not because they are not experienced in doing an online payment. It's because I live in The Netherlands and almost 100% of all online transactions are paid with 'iDeal'. In a lot of European countries banking has a high trust and payment possibilities are very advanced. So we don't need the creditcard.


Why useful?

  • To have only creditcard as payment method is very poor to European standards. In most European countries only a small 0,5% of all online payments are by creditcard! 


Who benefit?

  • Because of this fact it has a highly negative effect on raising funds when you only offer the creditcard as payment method. So the fundraisers on your site will highly benefit.
  • 'Just Giving' will benefit also: more donations = more fees
  • Potentional donors do not succeed in making a donation! This fact is no match with your statement that paying on your site is easy. Bad for donor, fundraiser and Just Giving. It affects imago of all three and the financial goals of the fundraiser and  Just Giving.
  • In your statistics you'll probably see that from the European foreigners a relative high percentage don't  finish their gift.


How to implement?

Extra payment methods normally can be added by your Payment Service Provider (PSP). Some agreements must been signed and some money has to be payed to offer the new methods.
The most important Payment methods I am talking about are

  • Bancontact for Belgium,
  • Giropay and Sofort for Germany,
  • iDeal for the Netherlands,
  • Carte Bancaire in France,
  • Carta Si in Italy,
  • Dankort in Denmark,
  • EPS in Austria,
  • PayPal
  • Etc.


Thank you in advance!

  • Guest
  • Sep 29 2019
  • Needs review
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  • Guest commented
    30 Sep, 2019 03:32pm

    Hi Jamie, Thank you for your respons! Offering a payment method based on origin of the donor is nice. IP addresses ranges can also lead to the country of the donor. Then perhaps you don't have to ask for the donor country.

    In the countries I mentioned people have a banking card. That's not the same as a credit card. 

    Interesting subject! I hope you'll find a nice way to implement. Thank you.

  • Admin
    Jamie Parkins commented
    30 Sep, 2019 02:25pm

    Thank you for these suggestions. I've shared them with our Fintech team who are well versed with the PSPs you list and who are charged with the responsibility to broaden the options within checkout. It is worth adding that circumstances such as donor country, beneficiary status and currency selection will result in differing payment options being displayed. We do support a lot of card types - just not all on cross currency transactions at present.